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We Make Digital Ideas evolve as NFT items.

Innomaco is an innovative management company working with a range of artists, VIPs and businesses in the NFT space.

We create tailor-made NFT products and digital events to showcase them.

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NFTs & Metaverse

Artist representation in NFT & Metaverse projects

NFT creation

Creation of tailor-made NFT projects from artistic concept to realization

Digital Events

Organization of art shows, exhibitions, concerts in the metaverse


Marketing and Communication in NFT channels and mainstream

Among our services

  • Personalised layout (billboards, images, descriptions) - limited changes in the 3D assets;
  • Personalised Avatar;
  • Interactive corners to display artworks, NFTs, products or services and to redirect users to specific landing pages (website, social media, NFTs marketplace, etc);
  • Customised minigames (Speed hunt, treasure hunt, quiz game, arcade games);
  • Networking: global/one-to-one chat, reactions;
  • Dedicated Area for Live Event/Podcast;
  • Wall screen Video;
  • Live streaming server;
  • Metamask cryptocurrency portfolio Sync (to track NFTs owners).

Current Projects

On April 12, 2022 Franco Baresi launches Values, NFT collectibles composed of 7 exclusive artworks created together with the artist Panenous, representing the fundamental values that have always characterized the life path of The Captain: Imagination, Love, Freedom, Mindfulness, Courage, Loyalty, Legacy are the titles of the pieces of art.

The 7 artworks will be sold on the Binance NFT Marketplace through a premium event, promotion dedicated to a very few number of the most prestigious NFTs on the platform, within a space specifically reserved to the collection. Each buyer will not only own a unique and certified NFT piece of art but will also have the opportunity to access prestigious prizes, including a visit to the Casa Milan Museum together with Franco and attend a Serie A AC Milan match in his company at San Siro.

The collection will be previewed the day before the actual launch inside Franco Baresi’s metaverse, a completely digital environment easily accessible from mobile and PC, in which the users, with their avatar, may view the artworks as if they were in a real art gallery and will be able to directly access the platform for the purchase of the NFTs. Thence, within the same space, the public can watch videos of Franco Baresi's career and will be able to interact with the champion's avatar, also having the opportunity to win prizes by playing personalized mini games.

The project also aims to make a difference directly on the ground. That’s why part of the income from the NFTs sales will finance the From Milan to the World project, an initiative of the Fondazione Milan, to which Baresi has been linked to for many years.

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